Are you ready to kick start your social media strategy? Or, maybe it just needs a boost. Either way, whether you already know your way around social media, need a refresher (though it’s constantly changing) or really want to understand “the why” – the Sociable Media Blog is where it’s at.

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Top 5 Things I Learned In My 1st Year in Social Media Business

This week is a milestone for Sociable Media. Having completed year one of a social media marketing business - here are top 5 lessons learned.

Content Creation

Wine Pairing with Social Media

This is a handy guide to getting more out of social media by knowing the basic principles of social media and wine pairing.


Protect your reputation

So you’re posting along, playing nice and minding your own business… then WHAM! A negative comment for all to see on your Facebook Page. Your heart sinks. You’re in no mood for any type of confrontation but you Read more…