Simply Measured asked the smartest people they know, from business leaders to product specialists, and social influencers to social media managers, how they think social marketing will evolve in 2016.

  1. Quality not quantity 

    sticker3 (1)Social listening and proactive community management will become increasingly important. Social will no longer be driven by the quantity of your social audience but the quality of its members instead.

  2. Personable content 

    fruit220“Real-time” will continue to develop. Brands will continue to invest in platforms like Snapchat and Periscope as they seek to tell their brand stories more organically and include more behind-the-scenes content. The explosion of video will help propel this forward across channels.

  3. Social outranks news 

    arm2SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will focus more on social media activity and less on search engines. For example, when it comes to breaking news — Google just isn’t fast enough. We take to Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and answers. In 2016, social is going to become much more influential on search engine optimization and search ranks.

  4. More spend on social 

    businessman1202016 will be the year the Social Intelligence Revolution. Social is a pay-to-play field now, especially when dealing with competitors who may already have budget set aside for this. These brands will then start spending more and more on social (advertising, marketing etc.), and to justify the costs they’ll need tools to measure (1) how much is needed, and (2) the return on investment.

  5. Engagement Campaigns

    ask3With consumers becoming more vocal on social, we’ll see brands turn to social for product development ideas and innovation in 2016. There will be many more campaigns like Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor,” defining what brands create next.

  6. Line between online and offline will be blurred

    newspaper11Marketers will continue to work on connecting online with offline activity.

  7. Bigger investment into campaigns

    calendar68Social and content marketers will look at what they’re producing with a more critical eye and center campaigns around pieces of content which take longer to produce but have a greater (and longer-lasting) impact on the market they’re trying to reach.

  8. Audience intelligence

    head-outlineMarketers in the coming year will have to get better at being where the customer is most active.

  9. Social shopping cart

    shopping100Much more social content will become “shoppable.” Consumers want to click on a product image and enter the buying process immediately.

  10. Social will be taken more seriously

    stats121There will finally be a real solution to the “Social ROI” problem and social will become a “real” marketing channel.


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