This week, The Give Agency will make history in Halifax. This pop-up ad agency is the brainchild of Brian Hickling and Mike Maloney who, over a beer, thought this would be a refreshing approach to help organizations that need it.

“Five days of good thinking for good things.”

Each day we’ll sit down with a new organization to explore solutions to their marketing challenges or create new ways to drive opportunities.

As we know, community organizations face many challenges. Having worked for one myself, I can tell you first hand that budgets are tight. Every decision is scrutinized in order to stretch that budget further. Marketing was always a tough sell. Sure we needed to spread the word and generate interest, but marketing was always seen as one of the riskiest, most challenging line items in our books. Every dollar had to be justified.

But The Give Agency turns that fear into a tremendous opportunity. We’re taking away the risk and giving non-profits the chance to bring together not just a group of marketers, but a group of some of the best.

By this Friday, the Giver’s of The Give Agency will have collectively provided $100,000 worth of strategic and creative guidance to these organizations. That’s $20,000 per day. That kind of high priced thinking is a luxury most non-profits simply can’t afford. That is, until now.

During a one day session, copywriters, graphic designers, strategic marketers, web designers, art directors, communicators and social media extroverts will come together to focus on one client. They’ll provide the guidance and creativity to help these organizations raise more funds and gain more awareness. They will benefit from our collective experiences and skills. And we hope they’ll even have a little fun along the way.

This week I will be part of a team like no other I’ve been involved with. Each night I’ll have homework, preparing for the organization that will need my help the next day. These devoted employees and volunteers are special and are enriching the lives of others.

As much as I give to them, they are giving more to me. Pinch me.


NOTE: The Give Agency will be posting regularly that week on social media, follow along and be a part of the action.

Facebook: The Give Agency NS
Twitter: @thegiveagencyNS
Instagram: TheGiveAgency

“From what we get, we make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe


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Judy Kennedy · February 21, 2016 at 11:04 pm

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