Haters gonna hate – social media trolls

Call me naive but I nearly fell off my totally-not-ergonomically correct chair when I saw this post on a website.


Isn’t this awful?! Trolls trolling for trolls. I’ve never seen it, well, advertised until now.

This is not the spirit of social media and this behavior disappoints me. I think of those social media managers and everyone else who work hard to manage online reputations and play nice in the space. This is an unnecessary layer of work they have to deal with – don’t get me wrong- there will always be unhappy customers but shouldn’t they be legit ones? Not post fictitious tweets that someone else wrote for them?

The next time you receive a “complaining tweet”, keep this blog post in the back of your mind.

I’d love to know your thoughts – have you witnessed this type of behavior?


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2 thoughts on “Haters gonna hate – social media trolls

  1. Is that actually what they posted? All kinds of errors. So is your ad for the course you were working on here? All done?

    Tulips look beautiful. Have a Happy Easter all.

    Love, J.

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