There’s a Tweet, Fbook post or blog that needs to go out that needs to go out TODAY and you have no flipping clue what to say…but you have to say something. Sound like you?

Fortunately, finding content has never been a real problem for me. I always have my trenchcoat on, flashbulb camera and notepad on the ready. This is a result of practice, years of it. Since the age of eight I’ve journalled – in later years that turned into blogging. Then social media came along.

I know that finding content is a real challenge for many of you and I want to help.

But first, I want to tell you a little story. Last summer we were moving offices and we came across a bag of dirt. Now let’s pause here and think about that “bag of dirt” – yes, it was a bag of dirt but that ziplock bag with soil inside had a story to tell. See where I am getting at? When I asked further, I found out that that sample of soil was going to an environmental lab in the United States for testing.  Because I was working for a real estate development company at the time, that soil was from a neighborhood where houses, friends, job, memories etc will be made.

To me, that bag of dirt was two blog posts, three tweets, two facebook posts and maybe even a short video.

If we shift our thinking we can find that there is a story behind even the most mundane things.

Sociable Media is a social media marketing consultancy that works with businesses in making their online presence more effective. From start-up, coaching and training, strategy development to social media account management – we provide support and take away the overwhelm.

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