Now that the dust is slowly settling with Facebook’s recent announcement that will affect Business Pages, more of us are looking for ways we can engage with our followers. Have you considered hosting a Facebook Live session?

Sociable Media Facebook LiveFacebook loves Facebook Live and if you’ve hosted a session, you know why. Live video receives 6X more engagements than passive (pre-recorded) video. Viewers love the ability to interact and being part of a community during a live moment when anything can happen. In many ways, it’s the new reality TV.

Many of my clients say, “I’ll stumble over my words.” Not true! What I find is viewers love the genuineness and behind-the-scenes access. Like all content, your live stream is only as valuable as the attention it attracts. So, you want to be sure you’re reaching a targeted audience. What’s more, you want to make sure you’re reaching and engaging a large number of the right people.

Here are 10 helpful tips on how to host a Facebook Live session:

  1. Write a catchy description. A great description will capture people’s attention and help them understand what your broadcast is about.
  2. Introduce yourself and what the video is aboutKeep in mind that when you first start live streaming, you may have zero people watching. Don’t panic. Keep going, Even a few seconds in, you could only have a handful of viewers. As people find your video on their News Feeds, they’ll join in – but that means you’ll want to reintroduce yourself and the purpose of your Live session one minute in, a few minutes in, 15 minutes in and 25 minutes in, to catch people up.
  3. Engage with commenters, and call them out by name. Encourage comments, even after the Live session ends and respond to comments 48hrs after.
  4. Make a CTC (Call to Comment). Your viewers may be tuning in and out to watch your video during the work day, or they might simply be watching your video without sound. Interaction is the new engagement.
  5. Broadcast for at least 10 minutes. As soon as you begin recording your live video, you’ll start slowly but surely showing up in people’s News Feeds. The longer you broadcast — especially as Likes, comments, and shares start coming in — the more likely people are to discover your video and share it with their friends.
  6. Ask viewers to like and share midway through the broadcast.
  7. Make the video visually engaging. The more visually engaging you can be, the more you can entice people to stick around. I’ve seen hosts stand in front of a dry erase board with bullet points that they reference.
  8. Ask people to follow you for future Live sessions. Remind your audience that they can tap on the Follow button on Live videos and videos that were live so that they can get notifications the next time you go live.
  9. Say goodbye before you wrap up. Before you end your live broadcast, be sure to finish with a closing line, like “Thanks for watching” or “I’ll be going Live again soon.”
  10. Add captions to Live videos afterward. It’s also a good idea to add a link to the description later. Here’s where you can add a trackable link to the description in the post, which can direct future viewers to your live video series page, the site of whatever campaign you’re using the video to promote, or somewhere else.

In conclusion:
Hosting a Facebook Live session is just like riding a bike, your first one may feel clunky and disjointed but remember, people love authenticity! They’re not supposed to be polished. But they do get easier to host, as you get more comfortable with the platform and your Facebook insights will reward you.



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