Have you ever shared a post on Instagram only to receive an influx of spammy comments that don’t make any sense? Well, we have, and it normally goes something like this…

 instagram sociable media

Okay, the first comment is probably legit but the popular comment is “nice profile” – probably made in hopes that you’ll follow them back.


Lots of hand signals 🙌








Or this…

Sociable Media blog post Instagram


Where are these coming from?

Buying followers

It’s all in the numbers. Many on Instagram accounts believe that the higher number of followers you have, the better your relevance and popularity.

The practice of buying followers for your account is never a good idea. Bear in mind that if you buy followers, your engagement may decrease. Often, these accounts are dead, created in bulk numbers, and there is no one on the other end controlling them. Even if there is someone controlling these accounts, they will not take the time or effort to engage with you.

Bots and Automation

Instagram Bots and Automated Instagram Marketing Software offer ease and convenience and guarantee followers – they even allow you to add an Instagram comment so it appears that you are care. Some are clever, some are completely whacked and not related to the image. Someone could post a picture of a natural disaster and in the comment section there’s an “I love your page, great job!”

The other scenario is that engagement increases. Sounds good right? Wrong. Chances are, the engagement you receive will be spammy, off-topic and insincere.

Oh, and not to mention that buying followers violates Instagram’s Terms of Service, meaning your account could be subject to deletion if found out. In this case, you will have not only wasted your money on fake followers but also lost any hard work you had put into building a successful Instagram account!

Your reputation

Crucially, buying likes, followers or faking engagement could dramatically affect your brand’s reputation. As mentioned previously, people will see right through fake comments, and it doesn’t take much investigation to check your follower’s list and see a bunch of spammy accounts or accounts from countries not relevant to the business.

Do it the right way

Everyone wants an Instagram account with thousands of followers that meaningfully engage with the posted content. However, there is no reason why any brand can’t achieve this, but it takes perseverance and time. Make sure you are tailoring your content for your target audience, engaging meaningfully with your audience in comments and even engaging with other business accounts.

Consider a professional service

Also, you don’t have to do this alone. Consider hiring a social media agency or manager to control your Instagram account – they may be able to put more time and effort into achieving your brand’s Instagram goals while freeing you up for other activities. By hiring a social media agency or manager to control your Instagram account, you can rest assured your Instagram will be run the correct way by social media professionals.

Sociable Media understands the importance of social media for business marketing. So, if you’re looking for digital support, whether it be social management, ad management or content creation, we can help! 🙌


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