Content Marketing For A Notary Search Directory

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Notary Jane


Notary Jane is a US-based online mobile notary directory.

The Challenge

Sociable Media had an opportunity to ensure that the client’s ad budget was used as efficiently as possible. Essentially, we had to ask ourselves, “How do we attract the most notaries, what areas have the highest demand for mobile-notary services, and how do we pinpoint these areas, all while maintaining a solid geographical dispersion of available notaries.”

The Process

  • Our research showed us that larger cities such as New York and Houston are hotbeds for notarial services; however, we also recognized a surprising demand and interest in this service in more rural areas and southern states like Georgia and Louisiana.

  • Sociable Media needed to develop and maintain an attractive, recognizable brand image consistent across all communications platforms from the campaign’s onset. After researching competitors and similar services, it became evident that most alternative mobile notary services maintain a dark, monotone branding tone. 

  • A proactive business model requires an exciting, active brand strategy. Our graphic design team created a series of templates for social media posts, newsletters and website content that we believed best represented the Notary Jane experience.

  • The sky blue/bright orange colouring in the Notary Jane logo is vibrant and recognizable. The Notary Jane avatar has become a fantastic marketing tool for Social media strategy and other brand awareness campaigns.

  • We researched notarial services and activity in regions across the United States to maximize ad-spend while diversifying the geographical placement of registered notaries.

  • The social media team has conducted weekly member spotlights for registered notaries that have further sparked organic social media growth and brand outreach.


  • After three months of our initial targeted marketing campaign, Sociable Media was able to bring in over 1000 members and establish a diverse initial membership directory. Once the initial database was established, the opportunity for re-marketing campaigns and organic outreach skyrocketed. 

  • In the first six months, Sociable Media expanded the Notary Jane email list to more than 14,000, primarily through social media and website engagement.

  • The growth and evolution of the Notary Jane brand have led to a consistent 30% monthly increase in social media activity and followers. 

  • Generated over 1000 membership sales in the first three months of the rollout campaign.

  • Established a recognizable brand image setting Notary Jane apart from its competitors.

  • A happy client with expansion plans.