Content Marketing with User Generated Stories

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Notary Jane is an online notary network that connects users from USA to qualified notary professionals in their area and provides educational resources to notary publics to help them build and grow their businesses.

The Challenge

To showcase the many benefits of being a Notary Jane member by leveraging social media, content marketing with user generated stories, SEO and current member testimonials as well as real-life stories.

The Solutions

Using social media as a vehicle for social proof streamlines the user journey. Testimonials are a great resource to showcase on websites and social media posts, but having real-life, user-generated content, allows for the story to be told from the source, in this case, notaries that are a part of the Notary Jane network.

Sociable Media mapped out a user-generated strategy to enhance Notary Jane’s monthly content schedule (also led by the Sociable Media team) and reached out to members to share their stories.


  • Social media marketing
  • content marketing with user engagement
  • keyword research for content marketing
  • hashtag integration with user generated content for social media marketing

The Results

  • Members were thrilled to share their stories and provide tips and advice for current notaries and those looking to step into the notary space.
  • The user-generated posts were the #1 engaged with/favourited media types on Notary Jane’s social media platforms.
  • Showcasing success stories was a great way to encourage information sharing and set members up with potential mentors to help guide their further success.

  • Sociable media not only utilized stories and content created by users, but also engaged with lot of new customers to have them share their Notary Jane experience with online community. It was the best content marketing strategy for a client located in USA.