Profiling Rural Businesses in Atlantic Canada



Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) is a federal and provincially funded not-for-profit organization with various locations in Nova Scotia. CBDC assists in the creation of small businesses and the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing financial and technical services to entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

CBDC recognizes is can be intimidating to start your own business. With high risk and lack of funding supports, CBDC works with new and existing small businesses to give them the tools to operate independently and be successful in business. An awareness campaign was needed to promote CBDC’s entrepreneur support programs in their community.

The Solutions

Sociable Media developed an ad campaign in partnership with a professional videography team to grow awareness around the offerings of CBDC using real-life stories featuring small businesses and entrepreneurs. Because who else could tell the success of CBDC but small business owners who benefitted from their support. Sociable Media gave creative direction to the video production team to ensure each video ad followed best practices, including:

  • Capturing user interest within the first 3-4 seconds
  • Videos included clear and concise messaging
  • The branding was clear and consistent 
  • There was a solid call to action (CTA)
  • Viewers were filtered to the appropriate landing page

Using A/B testing with video ads running alongside static image ads, Sociable Media was able to dive deeper into user activity and pivot the campaign as needed to produce the desired results.

Telling real-life stories allowed for an emotional connection between people who have gone through the early, risk-taking stages of starting a business and those looking to take the leap into starting their own business. The stories bridged the gap and gave viewers insight into what to expect and where they could find resources and support to get started.

The Results

  • An increase in brand awareness with a reach of just under 70,000 and impressions of just under 632,000.
  • The length of the videos worked well and reduced drop off views “view fatigue”, the subjects held the attention of the viewers
  • Two landing pages were tested 
  • Targeted CPM Bidding
  • The campaign showed that most users were reached through mobile through their Facebook Feeds.
  • Click-throughs to the site were more qualified due to the value-focused delivery and presentation of the ads.
  • The local businesses were tagged on the Facebook Ads, thereby allowing CBDC to promote their small-based business. 

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