Digital Marketing Strategy



This case study will focus on the successful partnership between Sociable Media and StanFest Folk Festival, a celebrated music festival. It outlines the key strategies employed, the mutual benefits enjoyed, and the remarkable outcomes.

The Challenge

StanFest needed to ramp up its digital presence, manage its email automation, improve its social media outreach, enhance user experience, and optimize its SEO practices. They required a robust, tailored strategy to boost exposure, engagement, and conversions.

The Approach

Sociable Media offered its expertise and resources, embarking on a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul for StanFest.

The collaboration process was marked with effective communication, iterative improvement, and consistent alignment with StanFest’s goals.

Actions & Strategies Implemented

Social Media: 
Sociable Media revamped StanFest’s TikTok account and established a robust editorial calendar that guided content creation throughout the year.

Email Automation:
Email lists were cleaned and updated, pre-built customer journeys were created for better engagement, and sign-ups were encouraged through social media posts and dedicated sign-up pages.

Keyword and ranking opportunities were identified, meta descriptions and titles were optimized, and call-to-action buttons were added to promote further exploration.

Sociable Media recommended and implemented several changes to improve user experience, including making the hero banner static, redesigning CTA buttons, increasing text-background contrast for better readability, adding more context to the homepage, and improving the mobile interface.

The Benefits
For StanFest, this partnership resulted in an enhanced digital presence, improved user experience, optimized email automation and social media marketing practices, and increased audience engagement and conversions.

For Sociable Media, working with a client like StanFest allowed showcasing their versatility and expertise in delivering tailored, highly effective digital marketing solutions.

The Results

The collaboration led to notable improvements in StanFest’s digital outreach, engagement, and conversions.

The Sociable Media x StanFest collaboration exemplifies how a well-strategized and implemented digital marketing strategy can profoundly impact a brand’s digital presence and audience engagement. The outcomes achieved demonstrate the power of collaborative aptitude and digital marketing prowess.

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