SEO and Website Design For A Rural Community



In 2017, Sociable Media was approached by the Sheet Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce to create a new website to compliment their new logo. The client wanted the website to showcase the attributes of the local community: businesses, lifestyle, recreation, service clubs, and economic development opportunities.​ The goal of the website was to have a professional showpiece to attract newcomers, showcase pride of place, inform visitors and promote the local business community.

Our Process

Assessment & Research

The initial step for the team was organizing a discovery session with stakeholders to review the area’s best qualities and assets, essentially asking: What sets this area apart from other communities? This discovery session was also beneficial for gauging an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of those visiting the website.

User Experience (UX)

Sociable Media wanted to establish a level of website functionality that was fully adherent to the preferences of the typical website user. The team then developed an Information Architecture Structure (hierarchical organization of pages) for the website to monitor page performance. After establishing the organizational structure, a layout of each page and the direct functions was created to outline the overall page design.

Search Engine Optimization

The Sociable Media team conducted extensive keyword research to maximize website reach and performance. Using SEMrush, we gained new ideas for content based on exactly what the audience would be interested in and found looked into search volumes.

Content, Maintenance, and Quality Assurance

The content used for this new site needed to be of the highest quality to convey the best aspects of the community. To achieve this, Sociable Media led the creative direction of a photography shoot and managed the entire production process. Local residents of different ages and backgrounds in the area (seniors, students/youth, families, and business owners) were requested to provide testimonials and pose for a photo shoot.

Upon the website’s completion, the Sociable Media team conducted extensive tests. This was done via repeated tests of the site’s functions and accessibility on various modern browsers and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

The Results

  • Professional photography where Sociable Media provided creative direction and organized photo shoots to a local photographer and videographer.
  • The character and brand of the community are now evident, along with a professional showcase of its assets and strengths.
  • Layout of local business directory
  • Event Calendar 
  • Average monthly visits to the website: 2,000; an increase of 400%.
  • Top search ranking for Sheet Harbour on Google. 
  • “How-to” document and website training provided.
  • A responsive website that adapts to screen sizes (for example; mobile, tablet, and desktop) on the WordPress content management platform

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