Digital Marketing During a Pandemic

At face-value, it would appear the world has pressed the metaphorical pause-button on the foreseeable future. Each day we hear about another major event or project being “indefinitely” postponed or cancelled altogether. Naturally, as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens and greater measures are taken, businesses are turning their attention away from the future and towards the now. However, adapting to a foreign environment and taking a more “on-the-fly” approach presents exciting challenges and new opportunities.

After several productive client-meetings with business owners and industry leaders, it became evident that the messaging during this evolving COVID-19 situation is imperative in maintaining a positive brand image and healthy digital presence. Communication must be calculated, relevant, and conscious of the current situation. Here are a few ways businesses and organizations can effectively navigate the digital environment during an unfamiliar situation.

Awareness: Let’s face it, the pandemic is on everyone’s mind and ignoring it is entirely irresponsible. Messaging via social platforms should be commensurate with the changing severity of the situation. Your audience is aware of what is going on and so should you.

Individuality: The pandemic provides businesses with a unique opportunity to separate themselves from their competitors. Instead of arbitrarily sharing news articles or headlines, provide your audience with solutions or suggestions to help make the most of the situation. Furthermore, think about how your brand fits with the lifestyle changes of potential customers, clients, partners, etc.

Initiative: Understand your business’ capacities for advertising and promotional campaigns. Providing extraordinary deals or offers can help maintain customer relationships while adhering to the financial struggle many are facing. Your actions and communications will be remembered once we’re out of this mess.

Having to adapt one’s digital marketing strategy on the fly is not an easy task—but will pay dividends once we begin to see a return to normalcy. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help your business optimize its digital presence during this unfamiliar time.


Sociable Media Inc. is a Halifax-based digital marketing firm specializing in Digital Display Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Management.

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