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The Client

Philae Shriners is a philanthropic fraternity that’s part of an international network.

The Campaign

From August to September, Philae Shriners ran their first online raffle campaign titled “Win4K”. Philae Shriners members (known as Nobles) needed to be trained through a series of Zoom sessions on how to sell tickets digitally because, due to COVID, they could no longer sell in-person. Supporting documents were created to guide them how to spread the word of the new campaign along with social media shareable where Nobles could download images and pre-written content for Facebook.

Social Media Highlights

A variety of graphics were created to engage user interest.


  • Engagement was up over 9,000%
  • There were over 7,000 interactions including link clicks, photo views, and video views
  • The age demographic was mainly male aged 65+ followed by 45-54


  • The website had over 2,000 visitors
  • Visitors spent an average of 2:31 mins on the site
  • Social media was the main driver of traffic to the site

The Outcome

Although there was a learning curve, having to adjust due to COVID ended up bringing Philae Shriners to the digital landscape. This allowed for an additional method to engage existing and potential supporters. Ongoing raffles can be done online, and current members have gained an updated system to raise funds.

But the icing on the cake was helping Philae Shriners be recognized as best in class internationally for their Facebook efforts!

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