Content Writing For Monthly Newsletter

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National Paralegal and Notary is a bulk-signing notary service for businesses. They connect notaries and paralegals to clients all over the US.

The Challenge

Sharing relevant industry news and resources to avoid being “just another e-newsletter”.

The Solutions

  • Monthly polls with a topical question encourage reader participation, at the same time allowing us to learn about the interests of their members. Which in turn assisted in future social media content and blog ideas.
  • Content was emotion-based and addressed industry pain-points and also focused on a bit of humor. 
  • Sociable Media developed a monthly newsletter to provide information and educational tips to help notaries grow their businesses. 
  • Monthly newsletters were a culmination of social posts that generated user interest and expanded on website content that generated high interest.
  • Call to Action buttons had UTM code placements for tracking purposes.
  • Content addressed the readers’ pain points, was industry-focused, and provided solutions and inspiration related to their profession.

The Results

By implementing a consistent monthly newsletter, the website saw an increase in visits. The newsletter also filtered subscribers to NPN’s social media accounts, generating brand awareness and follower growth.