Sociable Media


adjective  willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.


Why we’re different


We think People first

We start with audience insights then turn our attention to what you want to achieve and how best we can achieve those results through social media marketing. Then, and only then, do we consider which technologies or tactics to utilize for your business.


We build content strategies around Passion Points

We believe social media allows businesses to really connect with customers on a deeper level—and to do so, we create content that speaks to the passions (interests) of their audience—so they want to engage.


We measure the value of social media marketing

The ROI of social media marketing might be heavily debated, but it can be done. Are you curious if your investment is generating results? We believe social media marketing can and should drive measurable results for your business and we will work with you to develop the value models that work best for you.


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This week is a milestone for Sociable Media. Having completed year one of a social media marketing business – here are top 5 lessons learned.

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This is a handy guide to getting more out of social media by knowing the basic principles of social media and wine pairing.

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So you’re posting along, playing nice and minding your own business… then WHAM! A negative comment for all to see on your Facebook Page. Your heart sinks. You’re in no mood for any type of confrontation but you can’t leave this comment unanswered.  

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How well do you know your customer? Do you know where they spend most of their time online?  You will absolutely hit the nail on the head when you do your research and start posting what your customer wants, not what you want. And you will notice when they acknowledge. Only seeing a few comments/shares or likes on a… Read More

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Maria is a talented marketing executive, with keen insight into the latest trends and best practices. Her positive, ‘can do’ attitude and personable style made working with Maria easy and enjoyable, she fit right into our team and provided excellent advise and strategic direction to our social media plan. What sets her apart is her ability to truly understand our needs, to hone in on the focus of message we are trying to deliver and to craft the right content for our market.

Terra Firma Development Corporation
Forest Lakes Country Club

I’ve been fortunate to work with Maria for several years as she successfully grew two businesses—transitioning them from start-ups to achieve highly visible, positive public profiles. Her insights into social media, marketing and communications are invaluable to any project. I’d highly recommend her services.

Pinwheel Communication Design 

We brought Maria on to be our online voice when I was managing the marketing for an energy efficiency company.  She jumped right in and completely grasped the vibe and persona we were aiming for and made us look and sound great online.

Tracy Ashley Communications