Be sociable with your followers

You have a presence on social media, you’re putting content out there for all to see, but are you engaging them?

Step back and have a good look. Are you doing things like using exclamation marks? Are you saying “check out”? Are your posts one-sided?

Engagement is a vital for your overall success. There are two types of engagement – social listening and proactivity. These need to be part of your social media strategy (yeah, it’s good to have one of those too).

Social Listening

What are your followers talking about online? What trends are you noticing? Which posts do better than others? Tailor your content to what your audience is saying about your brand, and your competitors’ brand.

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This will allow you to create meaningful interactions with potential customers as you want to create an emotional connection with them (future blog post about this).

Social Media as a concept is not primarily about selling. You read that correctly – Social Media isn’t all about sales and statistics, it’s about making connections to people. People talking to people. There is a human behind that post, like and comment. You have the chance to build a community and establish relationships.


Your customers will bring questions, concerns, and comments to the table. Your job is to give them what they’re looking for very quickly. Don’t leave them hanging. Remember it’s a two-way conversation.

Building these relationships with your customers will turn them into your brand’s biggest advocates.


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