From text-heavy document to video

Recently, we were provided a Zip file folder chock full of heavily-worded pdf documents. The information was interesting. But the likelihood of someone clicking the “read more” to read document was slim.

These days we are time-starved, combine that with competition in the newsfeed and this thing called an algorithm.

The solution? Video! The really cool thing is that you can create a short snappy video using any text-heavy document text and adding images (or stock images) – how? There all sorts of video makers that turn amateurs into pros like AnimotoPromoPowToon, etc.

FACT: Studio-quality videos used to be something only big brands could afford.

If you’re like me, when you see a video in your newsfeed, you’re most likely to click on it. Studies have shown that in less than 6 seconds, a message is conveyed more effectively and rapidly in a video post than an image post. See…social media video is a wide open opportunity.

Remember this:

  1. Reduce words: Don’t make people read too much.
  2. Keep it simple: Don’t get overly complicated, but keep the execution beautiful. People look for simplicity and a breath of fresh air. Give highlights, not all the instructions.
  3. Maintain focus: Be single-minded in your focus on one idea for your video.
  4. Make sure you have a call to action: Give them something to do after they watch (or during) the video with an on-screen CTA.
  5. Remember graphics: 85 percent of videos are viewed with the volume off, according to Digiday.

There are so many elements that go into social media videos including subtitles, length, details and sound. Essentially, you’re trying to explain a lot of detailed information in a few seconds. But when you do it well, you see higher engagement and build a better rapport with your audience.

Re-purpose your content
I hope you’re inspired to look around and see the golden nuggets of information from a PowerPoint presentation, blog post, or printed material that can be translated into video. Would you like our help? Contact us and we can make video wizardly.

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