How Engaged Is Your Audience?

Fantastic, you’ve built up your Twitter followers to 1,000. How engaged are they? Take a look at your analytics, or just think back to the past three or four tweets you sent. How many people commented? Retweeted?

Hearing crickets on Twitter? How Engaged Is Your Audience, really?

It’s important that those 1,000 (or 100, or 10,000) followers you have are targeted. Most or all should represent your target market, and the consumers you want to reach. But on Twitter you’ve got to go one step further than that, and direct all of your content to a single person within that audience.

It might sound ludicrous to write your tweets as though all directed to one person, but it’s a strategic action that will make each tweet more impactful and personable.

How Engaged Is Your Audience

The idea is to pick the best representative of your target market, and tweet to them. This individual should mirror the demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, shopping and browsing behaviour and other features of your target audience.

Then, once this person is selected, keep them in your mind every time you compose a tweet. Doesn’t that seem less overwhelming?

How Engaged Is Your Audience

Since they represent the exact center of your target audience, by creating content just for them, you will actually create stronger, more targeted content that will resonate with your entire audience.

Now, when I suggest that you compose your tweets specifically to a single person, I don’t mean using their @username. Instead, imagine that you are writing the tweet in the hopes that they will see it in their timeline and click, re-tweet or comment.

Once you’ve positioned your twitter content so that it is directed towards that one member of your audience, you need to measure the impact and compare it against your previous tweets. I’m willing to bet you’ll see a difference and a pick up in engagement.


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