Throughout our many years of writing, specifically for blogs, we’ve developed the below structure. We hope it helps you with your blog writing process, and good luck!

Writing your initial blog post, or any blog post can seem daunting. You sit down to start writing, but the words don’t come. The question may arise, on how to write an effective blog post that people will enjoy. We get it! It’s happened to us a couple of times in the past, and it’s worth remembering at these times that a little structure for your blog can go a long way in helping you formulate the words! 

Throughout our many years of writing, specifically for blogs, we’ve developed the below structure. We hope it helps you with your blog writing process, and good luck!

Capture your readers with an attention-grabbing headline!

Before we begin writing, we always figure out what we want our blog to be about. Next, we create a headline. Headlines should summarize the key message of your blog and be enjoyable, descriptive, and engaging. 

Your headline is the first thing your readers see, so make sure to take some time to craft a great one. 

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How to write an effective blog by Crafting a perfect lead paragraph

First impressions matter, so we don’t waste time with unnecessary details.

People on the internet have a limited attention span at the best of times, so we start with a quote, a question, or a bold statement. You only have one shot, so make it count!

how to write an effective blog post

Interesting supporting points

This is the body of the blog, and it’s where you’ll back up your main topic or argument.

Every story or idea needs some opinion, fact, or rationale behind it for the reader to understand. If you’re not sure which points or research you should include, we recommend creating a bulleted list to neatly organize your ideas and decide which is necessary to the story or blog.

Lastly, hook your reader with a call to action.

If you’ve compelled your reader enough that they’ve made it to the end, you now need to wrap it up with a strong call to action.

Want your audience to reflect on a particular idea? To do something? Respond somehow? Whatever it is, be clear about it. It will not just happen. You will get what you ask for. This is the part of the post where you invite your readers to answer a question, leave a comment, or share your post. Make it clear and actionable.

We hope you found this blog helpful. For more of starting a business online, please read our article, how to determine the best social media platforms for your business. If you need any support with writing, SEO, or digital marketing in general, we’ve got you. Get in touch with us today! 

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