Why is social media confusing you?

You’re a business owner, a marketer or the person assigned to managing the social media side of things. Do you view this as a creative outlet or attribute it as a necessary evil? Truth is, if you’re in business, social media is your new storefront and it’s confusing.

There are times when it can be overwhelming. I’m the first to admit, social media can be confusing. The medium is morphing and developing very quickly and every day there is something new.

Together let’s make a pact.

Pick one or two mediums and nail it!  Instead of being mediocre at managing social media accounts, be awesome at only one or two.

For example, do you love taking interesting pictures? Create an Instagram or Snapchat account. Have interesting stories to tell and love to write? Create a blog and be active on LinkedIn Pulse. Want to try targeted ad campaigns? Set up a Facebook Page.

As a business, you don’t have to be “all things to all people” when it comes to building your social media presence. I hereby give you permission to simplify your accounts and focus on being truly great with your chosen medium. What will it be – Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram?

What are your business objectives? Think of your audience and where are they online? Facebook is no longer where most teenagers hang. Twitter is mostly male.

By removing the task of managing a bunch of social media accounts that may not meet your business objectives, you can focus just two (maybe three) accounts and work on really great content for the ones that come naturally to you. Not to mention, you’ll save time…and time is money.

(collective sigh).


Sociable Media is a social media marketing consultancy that works with businesses in making their online presence more effective. From start-up, coaching and training, strategy development to social media account management – we provide support and take away the overwhelm.

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