No social media strategy spells tragedy

How well do you know your customer? Do you know where they spend most of their time online?  You will absolutely hit the nail on the head when you do your research and start posting what your customer wants, not what you want. And you will notice when they acknowledge. Only seeing a few comments/shares or likes on a post about an awesome sale? That’s a sure sign that you need a real social media strategy.

Facebook for Business doesn’t make things easy. They want high engagement and reward those who create great content. These days the “we have a sale” post won’t do so well with their ever-changing algorithms. It’s because they want you to buy a Facebook Ad but I digress.

These days you need some sort of social media strategy either on paper, a Post-It Note, or tattooed on your forehead – an action plan for how social media will help boost your business. So, where to start? 

Here’s your 5-minute social media strategy (no paper required): 

  • ASK: Who are my biggest customers? Action: Start with looking at your analytics (Twitter Analytics, Facebook  Insights).
  • ASK: Is this post helpful or engaging? Action: Are you saying “You”, “Your”?
  • ASK: Am I posting frequently enough? Action: Consistency is king (and content is important too).

These are the only a few things to keep in mind.

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