The Future of Employment



The Future of Employment

COVID-19 has affected us all in ways that are impossible to fully express.

Being a 4th year student at Fanshawe College in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Marketing program, even the way that school will function when I go back in September has drastically changed. We will no longer be sitting in classrooms, learning with our fellow students.

Just like how I am currently working as an Intern at Sociable Media, everything is online. We have daily Zoom calls where it is easy to just roll out of bed, throw on my Blue Jays hat, and get to work. During one of these calls I was asked to assist with a new start-up project Sociable Media is working on: Career Digital Portfolio (name TBA).

I was tasked with researching how COVID-19 has affected unemployment levels, the labour market, and the economy overall to get a better idea of what the employment climate is like and whether this project was worth pursuing.

Regarding unemployment levels, I found that by the end of April, 3 million Canadians were no longer employed, with 2.5 million being furloughed or working at reduced hours. The work shortage turned around in May with 290,000 more people retaining jobs, and 2.4 million Canadians returning back to basic work hours by the end of the month

Something I found interesting was how many people were working remotely, as it affects my current situation. Prior to February, only 16.6% of people in Canada were working away from the office. By the end of May, that number almost doubled to 32.6%, with the expectation that 22.5% of Canadians would be working remotely post-pandemic.

Since all marketing is based on emotion. I was also tasked to research the psychology related to someone looking for a job and understand those who could use a professionally designed career portfolio. Although I might have had some of these thoughts while looking for a job, I found it fascinating that J.T. O’Donnell put it into words:

People associate these words with looking for a job:

  • “Dread”
  • “Stressful”
  • “Difficult”
  • “Humbling”
  • “Rejection”
  • “Depressing”

People also believe “everyone is winning the job search game, except me” because:

  • People believe their skills and abilities are not as strong as they believed
  • There is something wrong with them if companies are not looking at them
  • It should be easier


This information gives us an excellent idea of what can expect when we launch the new company during (hopefully) the tail end of a pandemic, and the mind-state of those people we are targeting. 

As I return to Fanshawe in the coming weeks, I am bringing back a deeper understanding of the job market myself and my classmates are about to enter and how to differentiate myself.

Adam is a 4th year student studying at Fanshawe College with hope of landing a job in the field of Marketing. He’s been a wonderful asset to Sociable Media!

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