Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness


For over 50 years, locally-owned Clarence Farm Services has provided food nutrition for livestock and pets. They are well known in their industry but were looking to expand their reach beyond the networks they were currently in and expand to newer and younger audiences.

The Challenge

To create a comprehensive plan to grow their reach beyond their current demographic by inviting video content creators to collaborate with a farm company.

The Solutions

Grow the Clarence Farm Services brand by introducing an Ambassador program.

Companies are continually looking to reach customers beyond traditional methods. With the growing popularity of unfiltered content and “everyday” influencers, brands are looking to build relationships with satisfied customers or people in their industry who can advertise for them. 

  • The average consumer relies on recommendations from social media when researching products and services. They want to hear from people first and brands second.
  • Since ambassadors are truly unfiltered and authentic, they’re able to promote their products without being super sales-y about it.
  • Sociable Media created a strategy that outlined the following:
    • Definition of targets and goals
    • Selection criteria to participate in the program 
    • Brand ambassador policies and guidelines
    • Incentives for ambassadors
    • Tracking the success ambassador program

Based on webpage analytics and social media report, we decided to focus on four categories: Dairy, Equine, Beef and Farm Life.Since user-generated content is highly favoured, we wanted to target Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories and TikTok posts.

The Results

  • Sociable Media searched for Ambassadors who had high follower, posted consistently and were based in Atlantic Canada
  • Developed a Terms and Conditions document
  • Defined a rewards program to incentivize Ambassadors

Having a Brand Ambassador program adds a competitive edge to a brand’s digital marketing landscape. Building long-term relationships with well-known online personalities generates reach and awareness in new spaces to help grow the business organically. Using a partnership program with mutual benefits makes this kind of partnership approach successful and leaves room to grow.