What are the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022?

What are the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022?

With so many social media planning tools and digital marketing software out there, it’s tough to know where to start and which ones are best for your growing business. So, we’ve put together a shortlist to get you started. As you create your systems, you’ll find that you can add or subtract tools as you go. 

What are social media tools used for?

Social media and digital marketing tools are used to plan content, create a visually appealing feed, for social listening, and manage comments and messages. You’ll save yourself and your team time and effort when everything is in one place. You don’t want to be logging in and out of applications all day when you can organize everything in one place.

What are the best social media marketing tools?

The best social media marketing tools are efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly. When businesses get started, they think they need every tool out there, but the truth is, you need tools that work for your needs. What are the tasks you need the most help with? Is it creating content, scheduling content, or managing comments and messages? Narrow down your needs and find apps that help you save time and resources.

We’ve narrowed down four social media marketing tools that we use here at Sociable as a starting point. These apps make it easy for us to collaborate, plan, and work with our clients to create the best systems that produce excellent results.

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Facebook Business Suite & Creator Studio 

Facebook has made it easy for businesses to track insights and plan content all in one place. You can use Business Suite or Creator Studio to schedule to your Facebook feed, and when you connect Instagram, to your profile grid as well. You can also schedule stories for FB & IG in advance. After Facebook gathers enough data on your post engagement, it will recommend the best times to post on each platform.


Agorapulse can is great for team collaboration, social listening, and planning ahead. You can assign projects to different team members, and with their basic plan, you can have posts assigned to specific team members (or clients) for approval. The only downside is that if you want to schedule carousel posts (multiple images in one post), you’ll have to push them to a mobile device through the Agorapulse app to publish them. So someone will need to be responsible for an extra few clicks. 


If you haven’t tried Canva, you are missing out. The great thing about this platform is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create eye-catching posts and story templates. Updating colours and fonts to match your brand is easy with just a few clicks, and you can easily collaborate on designs with team members. You’ve probably seen many Canva created images on your Instagram feeds, and it’s because it’s such a user-friendly app for beginners and expert creators alike.


Wave is a little secret that will elevate your videos. Its free version allows you to create social-media-friendly clips that you can post on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. The platform allows for editing text, animations, images, audio, and video. It even generates auto-captions (that you can edit) to help make your content accessible.

Once you have some content created, you’ll want to plan how you will roll it out. Use a content calendar (editorial calendar) to map out important dates, product launches, national days that align with your brand, etc., and start building a collaborative workspace that will set your content strategy up for success. Need help building a solid online presence? Are you thinking of using a company to help out with your Social media efforts? Check out our article on Social Media Companies.